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We're Back! An Update from Dance TV on the UK Formation Titles

Hello Dance TV Fans,

We're reaching out with a quick update and a heartfelt apology for the unexpected twists during our live coverage of the UK Formation Titles. It’s been a bit of an adventure with not one, but two fire alarms and a couple of power cuts! We had to evacuate the venue temporarily, interrupting both the event and our live stream. We know it might have messed with your dance-watching plans, and for that, we’re really sorry.

But here’s the good news: we’re back! The venue is clear, the dancers are pumped, and we're all set to keep the cameras rolling. Safety checks have been made, and we’re ready for a disruption-free show (fingers crossed!).

To make sure you stay in the loop and don’t miss any more of the excitement, consider downloading the Dance TV News App. It’s your go-to for real-time updates and all things dance, straight to your device. We promise it’s worth the tiny bit of phone storage!

Get it now on

[iOS]( or

[Google Play](

Thanks for sticking with us through the unexpected. Let’s get back to enjoying some fantastic dancing!

Warm regards,

The Dance TV Team



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