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The Dance Review - Linda Bellinger reports on the North of England Junior Ballroom Championship 2024


1st Kayan Barfoot and Polly Welford

Very confident and clean performance, more powerful & much improved of late congratulations on winning and all dances. Beautiful dress.

2nd Finley Featonby and Poppy Reynolds

Definitely have a champion look, and I’m sure with a little more time will gain success. Very good clean lines, challenged well but not to be be tonight- Keep working! I will watch with interest!

3rd Oscar Kowalczyk and Sienna Tia

A small powerful couple who are much improved and ones to look out for! Very compact and determined performance! Just a little more time!!

4th Dominic Bailey and Valerie Bartkevych

A tall elegant looking couple. Keep working on your shaping and listen to your teachers. Time will tell.

5th Evan Holmes and Francesca Kotruchova

Improving all the time but lacking confidence. Have belief in yourself. You have the ability to go much further! More use of knees will improve your strength of movement but well danced in this good final.

6th Oliver Dudman and Edith Finders

Probably disappointed with this result but was not the best I’ve seen them. Oliver’s right side was dropped and Edith needs to lift her body and extend for a better look.

In the Semi-finals

Ethan and Tamzin

Need to work for a bigger top line.

Daniel and Asha Mei

Clean & neat, good Tango, has potential.

Harry and Isabelle

Developing well in the Junior field.

Eden and Oleksansre

Need to look at connecting hand on girls back. Eden has good look.

Matthew and Lily

More experience needed but look very keen.

Giovani and Scarlett

Scarlett needs to have a little more understanding of her posture awareness to Giovani.



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