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The Dance Review - David Trueman reports on the Professional Rising Star Latin

The British Open Professional Rising Star Latin was as always an exiting and energised competition with performances of the very highest quality.

One can see the judges clearly looking from one end of the floor to the other to view these great dancers and to hopefully find that one moment that helps them make that all important decision, but seeing how close this competition was, it was never going to be an easy task.

All of the couples were driving their dancing from the very first round, with so much attention to technical detail and musical awareness and it was all delivered with such an air of partnering skills. The ladies really appeared to be in full control and the use of hands feet and legs was simply exquisite.

Dances were so well illustrated through mouthwatering characterisation and role portrayal. 

This has been an event that without doubt sets the scene for the coming week.

Here we have the final placings together with the positions in each dance.

Champions Stas Olarescu and Marketa Vlckova Worthy winners

Cha Cha 3rd. 

Samba 1st. 

Rumba 1st

Paso Doble 1st

Total 6 

Runners up Chuan-Chun Lo and Yanyan Deng

Cha Cha 1st

Samba 3rd 

Rumba 2nd

Paso Doble 2nd

Total 8

3rd Yury Simachev and Olga Kuzmenko

Cha Cha 2nd

Samba 4th

Rumba 3rd

Paso Doble 4th

Total 13

4th Ilya Sizov and Iana Annina

Cha Cha 4th

Samba 2nd

Rumba 5th

Paso Doble 5th

Total 16

5th Victor Burchuladze and Daria Prusakova

Cha Cha 5th

Samba 5th

Rumba 4th

Paso Doble 3rd

Total 17

6th Riccardo Fruttaldo and Eugeniia Erofeeva

ChaCha 6th

Samba 7th

Rumba 6th

Paso Doble 6th

Total 25

7th Konrad Gadko and Magdalena Tarnowska

ChaCha 7th

Samba 6th

Rumba 7th

Paso Doble 7th

Image credit: Tomasz Reindl



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