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Blackpool Sequence Festival 2023

Angela Hayton reports on the Inventive Dance Competition at the Blackpool Sequence Dance Festival, Monday 23rd October 2023.

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The Inventive Dance competition saw fewer entries this year however; the quality of the presentation and dance content was excellent. The Classical section had an entry of seven dances with 3 Tangos and 2 Saunters being recalled to a final. The winner was the Tango Tajinaste arranged by Lee Dudman and Kelly Sloan. Lee announced that the dance was named after a restaurant previously owned by his father in Tenerife and the name of a flower only found on the island.

The Latin section saw an entry of 6 dances with 3 Rumbas and 1 Cha Cha Cha being recalled to a final. The winning dance was the Rumba Italia arranged by David Bullen and beautifully demonstrated by Fabio and Amy D’Angelo. It was lovely to see David returning to the Inventive Dance competition and hopefully other professionals will follow his example in the future and invite fellow professionals to demonstrate their dances if they are unable to do so themselves.

The Modern section saw an entry of 7 dances with 2 Waltzes and 2 Quicksteps being recalled to an excellent final. The winning dance was announced as the Cointreau Quickstep by Duncan & Hannah Trever. All three winning dances were very well received by the audience who were entertained all day by the M.C.s Alan & Amanda Parker who presented a superb selection of popular sequence dances creating a lovely warm atmosphere ensuring everyone enjoyed the day.

Inventive Dance - Classical Sequence

1st | Tango Tajinaste - Lee Dudman & Kelly Sloan

Inventive Dance - Latin Sequence

1st | Rumba Italia - David Bullen - Performed by Fabio &Amy D'Angelo

Inventive Dance - Modern Sequence

1st | Cointreau Quickstep - Duncan and Hannah Trever

Full results will be available upon the conclusion of the festival at

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