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The Dance Review - David Trueman reports on the WDCAL Senior 1 Ballroom

Updated: Apr 2

Image credit: MJO Photography

The Senior 1 Ballroom is always a very well contested competition and a much coveted title.

Champions with a performance filled with a champions aura were Cesare Scaramozzino and Silvia Bienati they were placed first in four dances and second in the Waltz. These truly wonderful exponents of dance have graced this beautiful Empress floor on many occasions and tonight again they produced a level of performance that saw them crowned as worthy Champions.

Runners up Slawek Lukawczyk and Janine-Nicole Desai. Without doubt a couple who always hit a level of dance that can lift the greatest of titles and they have done so on many occasions. They really did produce some brilliant dancing tonight and the superb styling in each dance was so well maintained.

3rd Massimo Neri and Cristina Strada with elegance in movement and a beautiful use of the feet and ankles in every dance. There was a clear increase in the required actions in the final round and the maintenance of the style and hold was so effective, resulting in third place in all dances.

4th Matteo and Daniela a very impressive display of style, shape and correct delivery of action and power. They were consistent in all areas of performance and their togetherness was very effective.

5th Jonathan Noblett and Jennifer Kilheeney. Another consistent performance produced by this couple who are dancing with a much better connection. As always personality plus in every dance.

6th Michael O’Leary and Nicola Banyard challenged all the way not letting up until the last beat of music. Much improved posture and hold enhanced by very elegant head usage and shaping.

Congratulations to all the Finalists.



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