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The Dance Review - David Trueman reports on the WDC Amateur League European Under 21 Latin

Updated: Apr 3

Image credit: MJO Photography.

The final day of the 2024 World Dance Council Amateur League European Championships was a day of great dancing, filled with high expectations and of course performances that are fitted only to the home of ballroom dancing.

The Dance Promoters Association and Blackpool Entertainment Company Limited are to be congratulated on putting together this brilliant event.

The Under Twenty One Latin was as always a feast of high energy combined with the considerable skill and fundamental application from the future leaders of competitive dance.

Winners by being placed first in Cha Cha Cha, Samba, Paso Doble and Jive and second in the Rumba were Daniel Etheridge and May Reid. They have had a festival made only of dreams as they were also crowned winners of the Under Nineteen earlier in the Championships. Tonight they went about their quest with such determination and controlled focus and they maintained a high degree of performance through each round, culminating in a final of the highest level.

Runners up Wojciech Kozma and Chiara Morguese they finished second in four dances and first in the Rumba. This is a couple who excel in the portrayal of each dance and in the use of partnering skills, these are on constant view. They both have such wonderful individual dance qualities too and they bring it all together in a theatre of sustained movement through music.

Rule 10 had to separate the next position which fell kindly to

3rd  Antoni Pacan and Nikola Biliska. There is a wonderful look of elegance about this couple that can draw you to their performance at any time through the dance, the lady expresses each dance and rhythm with so much character and sincerity. One could visibly see the attention to detail in the way they moved from foot to foot with so many actions working in beautiful harmony.

4th Denys Fediuk and Yuliia Karolyn This young man likes to take the stage and how well he achieves it too. There is an ambition here to steal the limelight from those around them and this can be seen from the very interesting start to their Paso Doble. The energy they expel during a competition and indeed in a final is quite breathtaking.

Again there was another Rule 10 decision to find the next position.

5th Kovalev Aleksandr and Aibova Elizaveta These two are very impressive indeed and they too as with all of the finalists have such an array of stamina which clearly allows for a clear execution of very high powered choreography, there was never a let up from start to finish and this is without doubt steering them in a well monitored direction in the future of dance.

6th and a little unlucky Vasyl Bielichenko and Veronica Medvedieva they could easily have been higher and this wouldn’t have been questioned at all. The young Lady has a fabulous knowledge of dance and fundamental awareness, particularly in her skilled isolation of actions. They challenged very strongly all through the competition.

Many congratulations to every couple that took part in this most prestigious WDC Amateur League European Championships.

Next stop the Blackpool Festival in May!



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