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The Dance Review - Hannes Emrich reports on the 2024 WDCAL European Amateur Ballroom Championship

Updated: Apr 3

Image credit: MJO Photography

One of the highlights of this year’s European Championships has to be the Amateur Ballroom Final, where most of the regular major finalists made an appearance to battle in out for the title of European Champions. Again the panel had an arduous task, as the overall level of dancing has yet again risen, with the dancers being more and more consistent.

The final result was as follows, with some annotations to performance.

1.) Glen Richard Boyce and Cäroly Janes

Glen and Cäroly are the supreme exponents of the Amateur Ballroom field at this moment in time, and for me clearly superior to others in almost all aspects of dance. The biggest difference they make is the dynamic and musicality choice they are able to make, whilst maintaining a beautiful and classical silhouette.

True champions on a quest to become the ultimate exponent of the art of ballroom dancing.

2.) Oleksandr Bezkrovnyi and Mariia Savchuk

It seems that since the juvenile days, Sasha and Maria have always been in a battle with Glen and Caroly for the ultimate honours, and I believe it has helped to improve both couples. They have a beautiful weight to their movement, but I feel there needs to be some investigation into finding an extra edge within the performance, as sometimes it seems to cruise along without an attempt to challenge now.

3.) Andrei Toader and Mia Linnik-Holden

Andrei and Mia normally present a beautiful silhouette and a quality of softness.

Somehow on this occasion there were notable disconnection between them with the shoulder line high and stressed and a lack of center in both bodies and therefore quite often in trouble with balance. I am sure they will remedy this, but definitely not a performance to be repeated.

4.) Dmytro Lishchuk and Yelyzaveta Perepelytsia

Dima and Yelyzaveta danced a strong and attacking competition and for me put up a more than serious challenge to the couples in front of them. Their strong point is their dynamic approach with tango and quickstep strong dances. A bit more volume in music in Foxtrot would add to a very strong package.

5.) Vadym Negrebetskyi and Kornelia Kopaczyska

Vadym is such an experienced dancer and Kornelia an able and beautiful foil and the inclusion in the final is down to consistency and a strong sense of posture and line. Unfortunately, this sometimes gets in the way of feel and a soulful performance, therefore it leaves you uninvolved when watching. A study of those aspects would very much enhance their product.

6.) Cezary Szymaski and Julia Domaradzka

Cezary and Julia danced a super consistent competition and for me were clear finalists. Julia has improved her shaping and therefore the topline looks three dimensional. Well done for a strong performance.



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