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Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Alex Ivanets reports on the Amateur Latin Championship at the Blackpool Dance Festival 2023

The Amateur Latin is always one of the highlights of The Blackpool Dance Festival. With a few spots going in the grand final this made this competition super interesting. Couples travelled from all over world despite all the difficulties to be in this magnificent Ballroom and you could feel this in their performances which was rewarded by the audience standing up pretty much after every dance in the final. To hear the ‘ Blackpool Roar’ once again gave me shivers down my spine. This is what Blackpool is about.

1st Salvo Sinardi and Alexandra Kondrashova

Having won this prestigious title last year, Salvo and Sasha would be the favourites for the victory this year and they did not disappoint the audience or the adjudicators. Looking confident from the minute they walked on the floor, they managed to create a champions performance and reaching their own maximum. Congratulations.

2nd Alexander Chernositov and Arina Grishanina

This couple is no stranger to this grand final. They ooze musicality. They are showing so many different rhythms in different parts of their body which is truly impressive.

They look so involved in their own message that it looks like they are pushing to their maximum in everything they do.

3rd Austin Josen and Liza LAkovitsky

Austin and Liza are getting more and more settled in their partnership. He has an ability to create an easy and smooth look whilst doing intricate choreography. I love the fact that they still use the basic figures in all of the routines and make them look really interesting.

4th Yi Ming Tang and Xin Yi Huang

Yi and Xin are improving every time I see them. Great understanding of technique allows them to look not forced but yet strong on the floor. I am very impressed by their partnering skills. They are really able to dance as one. They also manage to make such difficult choreography look so effortless. Well done.

5th Giacomo Ballarin and Alessia Altieri

Congratulations on your first Grand Final. Truly deserved on your performance on the night. This couple clearly had a great connection with the audience. They look hungry for it and pushing on every single step. I was impressed by the dynamic changes they created.

6th Cosimo Barra and Diana Sharipova

There were a few places in the final going tonight and Cosimo and Diana managed to be victorious. They looked strong and striking right from the off. Cosimo has a beautiful presence on the floor coupled with great movement between the two of them. I love the compact base and the great awareness of their own centres which allows them create a full look.



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