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The 61st Inter Varsity Dance Championships

The Winter Gardens in Blackpool buzzed with energy on Saturday, February 24th, as the 61st Intervarsity Dance Championships took center stage. This prestigious event, organised by the Inter Varsity Dance Association (IVDA), drew over a thousand student dancers from across the country.

Established in 1962, the IVDA has been dedicated to promoting Ballroom and Latin American dancing within universities. With a membership exceeding 10,000 students and over 35 affiliated university dance clubs nationwide, the association has become a fundamental pillar for nurturing dance skills among students.

The highlight of the IVDA's calendar is the annual Inter Varsity Dance Competition (IVDC), a national event that sees participation from universities all over the UK. This year's competition featured over 600 couples, representing 30 universities, and comprised over 100 teams, making it one of the largest gatherings of student dancers in the country.

Christopher Hawkins, President of the British Dance Council and a judge at this year's event, commended the IVDA for their exceptional organisation and the outstanding quality of the competition. "On behalf of the British Dance Council, I would like to congratulate the Inter Varsity Dance Association for their outstanding IVDC event today," said Hawkins. "It was a fantastic, positive day for dance and dancers."

The competition, which ran for over 28 hours across two packed ballrooms, highlighted the commitment and enthusiasm exhibited by student dancers. The day culminated in a spectacular team match that kept spectators enthralled until midnight.

Highlighting the event were performances by renowned dancers Brian Dibnah & Georgiana Muja and Yegor Young & Zoe Woodhall, further adding to the excitement and vibrancy of the competition.

Reflecting on the day's events, Christopher Hawkins praised the IVDA for providing a safe and supportive environment for young dancers to express their love for dance. "Thank you, IVDA, and well done to every single student there who competed with joy and courage," he added.

The 61st Intervarsity Dance Championships not only celebrated the talent and dedication of student dancers but also underscored the enduring popularity of Ballroom and Latin American dancing within the university community. As the curtains closed on yet another successful event, participants and spectators alike eagerly anticipate next year's installment of this beloved competition.



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