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Stuart Hatton shares his thoughts on the Blackpool Junior Dance Festival Solo Events 2024

Easter means a few things to many people around the world… eggs, chocolate, a time for reflection, religious ceremonies and if you’re a dancer, then Easter means only one thing… BLACKPOOL!

For many decades now, the Junior Blackpool Dance Festival was an Easter ritual reserved only for couples and formation teams. Therefore, it was a marvellous move by the festival organisers to open the entries even further, so that our fantastic solo dancers are now able to share in the Easter Blackpool experience and embrace the same thrill shared by so many dancers who travel to the Mecca of ballroom dancing at this time of year.

The new edition of the conference centre allows time, space, and a safe environment for our soloists to thrive and perform at the top of their game under the same roof as the international couples who prioritise this competition as the highlight in their dancing calendar.

Monday kicked off with some amazing solo dancers in the Classical Sequence field, from the little tots taking their first steps on a Blackpool dancefloor to the Junior experts who have refined their craft and performed with skill and ease to be at the very top of their game.

Day 1 got off to a great start and I am sure the rest of the week will retain the high standard seen at The Blackpool Junior Dance Festival in 2024.

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