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JUST ADDED! Blackpool Dance Festival 2024, BDC and WDC World Congress, and Elite Training Camps

We are thrilled to announce that the Dance TV On Demand library has just expanded! We have added the Blackpool Dance Festival 2024, the BDC and WDC World Congress 2024, and the Elite Training Camps May 2024 to our collection. For only £9.99 a month, you can gain access to an incredible array of competitions, lectures, and workshops from some of the world's best dancers and icons.

Blackpool Dance Festival 2024

The 98th Blackpool Dance Festival! Now, you can relive the excitement and watch the remarkable performances from the 2024 event at your convenience. Watch the world's top dancers as they compete on this iconic stage.

BDC and WDC World Congress 2024

Dive into the rich content from the British Dance Council (BDC) and World Dance Council (WDC) World Congress 2024. This event brings together the brightest minds and most skilled dancers to share their insights, techniques, and experiences. Whether you are a professional dancer or an enthusiast, these lectures and workshops will provide invaluable knowledge and inspiration.

Elite Training Camps May 2024

The Elite Training Camps offer a unique opportunity to learn from the best in the industry. These camps are designed to push dancers to new heights, providing intensive training sessions led by renowned coaches and dancers. With our on-demand access, you can now participate in these transformative sessions from the comfort of your home.

Why Subscribe to Dance TV On Demand?

For just £9.99 a month, you unlock a treasure trove of dance resources:

- Exclusive Competitions: Access to past and present ballroom and Latin competitions covered by Dance TV over the last year.

- Learning Tools: Gain insights from outstanding lectures and workshops.

- Global Icons: Learn from and watch some of the best dancers and dance icons in the world.

How to Subscribe

Don't miss out on this must-have resource for dancers of all levels. Grab your access now at []( Whether you are looking to improve your skills, gain new inspiration, or simply enjoy the art of dance, Dance TV On Demand is your ultimate dance partner.

Subscribe today and immerse yourself in the world of dance like never before!



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