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Feature: Fitness and Dance

Hannah Morris created HLFitness just before lockdown in 2020. She competed in ballroom and Latin several years ago but, before this she was a competitive GB gymnast.

Image: "Balance is the key to everything"

Hannah said "I've always loved the discipline and drive gymnastics had and the strength and conditioning that was just as important as practicing my skills and artistry for competitions.

When I quit gymnastics to start ballroom and Latin, I really missed the physical fitness element and that drive to get my body into shape and that's when I knew I wanted to became a personal trainer and hopefully change that.

I am now a fully qualified personal trainer and work very closely with a lot of Ballroom and Latin competitors to help enhance and improve their performance on the floor. Since lockdown, I have worked online delivering personal training sessions as solos or in partnerships on zoom. This now allows me to train dancers from all across the UK and the world from the comfort of their own homes or nearby gyms listening to dancers needs; either personal struggles or working alongside their teacher's feedback to see how I can use that information and work on that through elements of fitness to take back into lessons."

HLFitness is a fitness brand with the aim to turn dreams into reality with online 1-2-1 or partnership personal training to help improve dancers' performance in competitions. I create tailor-made workout plans to suit each individual or partnership to work towards their main goals and upcoming competitions, working on ways to improve their dancing and performance through key elements of fitness using specific training methods you won't find in the gym.



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