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The Dance Review - Jackie Conway reports on the UK Formation Titles 2024

The United Kingdom Formation Titles 2024, once again returned to the beautiful Kings Hall, Stoke-on-Trent, organised by Jason Parkinson and his team. This year 111 teams took to the floor, the most teams ever to attend a British formation event. No surprises there, as Jason goes above and beyond to ensure every dancer enjoys the experience and has a fun time. It’s all about the dancers!

The weekend, and final formation competition of the season, was awaited with nervous enthusiasm, and a sense of anticipation - and oh my, it did not disappoint! From the opening of the doors early on Saturday morning the atmosphere was electric, the room buzzed with excitement and enthusiasm. The energy in the ballroom was immense. I thought it was wonderful to see so much joy, exactly what our dance world should be about. What fabulous ambassadors these young formation dancers are for our business. The camaraderie between schools, the friendships formed within the teams, and I have to mention the standard of technique exhibited, especially from the under 8 children, was insane.


Juvenile, junior and senior teams battled it out on the dance floor, the judges, on both Saturday and Sunday, had a very difficult time selecting winners, as the performances were near to perfect in some categories and very evenly matched in others. The discipline, dedication, commitment, and team spirit on display was plain to see.


It was the hottest day of the year outside, but it was very, very hot inside too, not just the temperature but the atmosphere, especially when everyone was treated to a spectacular show from 2 Icons of the dance world, Victor Da Silva and Joanna Leunis. Wow! Wow! Wow! A breath-taking performance of Showdance with one of their dances being a World Premier, Mesmerising! The competitors were enthralled by them, such perfection of timing, strength, technique, and musicality, resulting in a majestic story telling performance.


Then as always, once the competitions were finished, it was Party Time. Everyone, even the officials joined in with the fun dances. Balloons, streamers and one very big confetti cannon made for a crazy half hour, in a way that only Jason can do, much to the amusement of everyone in the room. The end of a very exhilarating day, everyone preparing themselves for a second amazing day.


Sunday was as remarkable as Saturday, with fabulous performances form every single team. The energy and electric atmosphere were undiminished. The dedication & commitment shown by these teams was unquestionable and I must give praise to the trainers and assistants for their work which produced such displays out on the floor.


A very successful weekend of dance made possible by Jason’s desire to make sure everyone had a good time. Congratulations to everyone, on making this event an inspiring and brilliant extravaganza of Ballroom and Latin dancing. I look forward to the next season with eagerness to see some new and creative performances.





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