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The Dance Review - A Celebration of Sequence Dancing at the Blackpool Junior Dance Festival by Lee Dudman


I would like to Congratulate every dancer, teacher and parent who dedicated time, money and effort to compete in this fabulous style of dancing at this year's Festival. Classical, Modern and Latin Sequence is moving forward into the future with some very talented children.


Learning all foot positions, style and timings of each dance is a very difficult thing to do. To move with power from the standing leg whilst still hitting the next foot position with control is something that should be mastered. Our dancers should be congratulated for having the discipline to achieve these challenges.


Monday – was Juvenile & Junior All Girl and Boy Girl Competitions, with all finalists dancing their very best to achieve fantastic results.

Please ensure the 4/4 waltz timing is evident in dances that should have this and to not to lose concentration on Bar 16 of dances to make sure foot positions are correct.


Tuesday – was the Junior and Juvenile 2 dance Competitions, which had fantastic entries. Every couple wanted to achieve the finals and the standard of both finals was brilliant.

Congratulations to all finalists and Winners.

Tango Magenta has specific timings for the Contra Checks and rocks. Try and dance the correct timings as scripted as other timings still fit with the music but are incorrect.


Wednesday –  The Junior Modern Sequence Championship was a wonderful competition with a very tough Semi Final and Final. Well done to all competitors who danced.

Try and create sway from swing created from the leg action and feet. The maximum movement can still be achieved whilst maintaining the correct alignments of the dance.


The Juvenile Classical 2 dance and Latin Sequence Championship.

Some fantastic footwork and timing in the Midnight Tango and Boston Two Step, Well Done.


Latin Sequence was a very enjoyable competition to watch with all competitors showing precision for alignments and holds whilst showing a good understanding of leg and hip action.


Thursday – was the turn of The Juvenile Classical Championship with a fantastic final with a very high standard of all dancers.

Congratulations to the Winners and Finalists.

Please keep working hard on the 4/4 waltz rhythm in glides.

Some couples need to dance a little further in from the side of the floor.

The Junior Classical 2 Dance was a well fought final, with all dancers dancing their very best on the night.

The Junior Latin Sequence Championship followed the Juveniles in enthusiasm, with all competitors dancing very well and thoroughly enjoying themselves dancing to the fantastic Empress Orchestra. Well done to all.


Five days of fantastic Sequence Dancing that we all should be very proud of.

I am looking forward to watching the future of Sequence dancing with the current fantastic dancers we have involved and hopefully it will continue to grow in numbers for years to come.


Congratulations to all!!

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An excellent review by Lee Dudman, offering high praise and clear details for teachers and dancers. Congratulations to the Blackpool Junior Sequence Dancers on your achievements.


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