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Gunnar Gunnarson reports on the Professional Latin Championship at the British National Championships 2023

The second day of the British National Dance Championships 2023 unfolded with a crescendo of elegance and skill, epitomized by the Professional Latin Championship—an event poised to crown the new champions to this esteemed title.

Amidst the iconic walls of the Empress Ballroom, seven couples, including several newcomers to the professional arena, graced the competition floor. As the atmosphere swelled with anticipation, each couple, having dedicated countless hours to perfect their craft, prepared to articulate their profound passion for the art form.


The winners were Anton Sboev & Patrizia Ranis, who clinched victory across all five dances, securing their inaugural National Professional title.

Patrizia's elongated leg lines radiated elegance, elevating each movement to a spectacle of beauty.

Anton & Patrizia demonstrated exceptional lead and follow skills and their connection added depth to the performance, making every move feel like a conversation between a man & a woman deeply immersed in the music.

Congratulations are in order for this dynamic duo!


Finishing in second place were Adelmo Mandia & Leah Rolfe.

Inspired performance from an experienced couple and as expected, excellent feet and legs from Leah.

Their confident and commanding presence on the floor radiated charisma, drawing the audience into their narrative. Great fluidity of upper body movements which they have improved a lot recently.

Well done on an outstanding performance!


Taking the third spot were Ben Milan-Vega & Morgan Hemphill, whose impeccable grooming and choice of outfits underscored their commitment to excellence. Their precise footwork demonstrated a dedication to technical mastery, with the Rumba emerging as a standout dance in their emotionally charged storytelling.


Christian Skibsrud & Olivia Oates, among the trio of debutants, exhibited remarkable technical prowess and a nuanced depth of quality in action and body rhythms, particularly shining in the vibrant Samba.


In fifth place, Mathieu Marechal & Polina Ustymenko made a promising debut, showcasing dynamic changes and engaging interactions with the audience, setting a compelling tone for their journey in the professional realm.


Oskar Odiakosa & Lin Guo, a captivating new pairing, demonstrated a remarkable chemistry despite their brief dance partnership. Oskar's rhythmical prowess blended seamlessly with Lin's outgoing personality, resulting in a dynamic execution of complex steps and rhythmic patterns.


Concluding the final were Alexander Whyatt & Amy Whyatt, who navigated the dance floor with finesse, demonstrating an innate understanding of space and movement that added depth and dimension to their performance.

Heartfelt congratulations to all competitors for their dedication, artistry, and unwavering love for dance. Each participant contributed to an unforgettable experience, showcasing not only technical prowess but also the profound commitment that makes the British National Dance Championships a celebration of true artistic expression.



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