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The Dance Review - Alan Clarke BEM reports on the WDCAL European Championships

Updated: Apr 2

This Easter weekend , Friday 29th through till Sunday 31st March,

brought the best of Ballroom and Latin dancers from near and far to the

iconic Winter Gardens Blackpool for the highly anticipated World Dance

Council Amateur League European championships.

Once again a magnificent event organised by the amazing DPA in association with Blackpool Entertainment Company Ltd and one that will stand out as a highlight in the dancers calendar. Both the Empress Ballroom and the beautiful multimillion pound Conference and Exhibition

Centre were the arenas for what was to be an opportunity for dancers of

all ages, both solo and couples to partake in friendly competition to win

the honour of being crowned WDCAL European Champions in their

events. The music, whether it was recorded or live by the Empress

orchestra under the fabulous baton of Mr Ashley Frohlick, created an

atmosphere that certainly brought out the very best in all who danced,

therefore creating a spectacular visual for all those spectators who

crowded both venues to support pupils and loved ones who gave

everything in their performances.

I have to say that as a spectator, rather than a judge, I could enjoy every

second of this event and to all the couples from our little juveniles to

our seniors in both Ballroom and Latin events I must firstly

congratulate everyone of you on your turn out and you boundless

enthusiasm, which I appreciated greatly. Secondly to the parents,

coaches, costume makers, makeup and hair artistes you are

magnificent and deserve every praise imaginable for what you created

for our pleasure.

Image credit: MJO Photography



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