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Dance Insight with Bryan Allen

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Well, it’s all action now! So many very important competitions have just taken place. The WDCAL European Championships, organised so successfully by the Dance Promoters Association and the British Junior Dance Festival, organised for so many years by Blackpool Entertainment Company Limited. Then in just a few weeks time, the incredible Blackpool Dance Festival which started so very many years ago! It's now largely as traditional but with a few exciting innovations.  

In addition, we have a number of important competitions and other events that tag themselves onto this crowded period of dance activities. One thing is sure, this period draws so many of our dancing friends and colleagues from all over the world and we welcome them all.

For those who will be competing in these upcoming competitions and indeed for keeping in mind as we move forwards, here is something to think about. It relates to modern life in general and in particular for dancers as they strive for better quality, leading to greater success. It is extracted from a piece from a writer I enjoy, Matthew Syed.

“The modern plagues of obesity and social media. We do not need more will- power we need better habits. About 44 per cent of human actions and many of the important ones, are not conscious but habitual. Actions have been repeated so they become procedurals. It is encoded in a different part of the brain. The cultivation of good habits is crucial; They become procedural. Sometimes it can take a few weeks sometimes a few months, it depends on the activity and the context. It will largely depend on the individuals resolve.”

Food for thought?  



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